If you’ve noticed that your breasts have started to sag, affecting your look and even leading to posture issues, you may consider breast lift surgery. Did you know, however, that you can also choose to increase or decrease your breast size when you have this procedure? 

Understanding How a Breast Lift Works

A breast lift’s primary goal is to lift sagging breasts. A variety of factors can cause breasts to sag, including the following:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Breastfeeding
  • Significant weight loss

A breast lift can help fix how your breasts hang and even their shape, allowing them to look higher on the chest and younger.

A breast lift can be an excellent option not only if you have sagging breasts but also if you have a nipple that faces downward. This procedure allows Dr. Gandolfi to adjust the nipples to ensure they point upward and look natural.  

One common concern women have is wide breasts. Wide breasts can make your body appear wider than it is while also causing your breasts to look smaller. By helping narrow your breasts, Dr. Gandolfi can make them appear fuller and make your frame look narrower. 

A breast lift can help with other concerns as well. For instance, it can address an areola you feel is too large for the breast. And if your breasts aren’t as symmetrical as you would like, a breast lift may help rectify that, too.

To be eligible for a breast lift procedure, you must be:

  • In good overall health 
  • Able to receive general anesthesia
  • Able to take time to recover

Although a breast lift makes your breasts look fuller by removing excess skin and repositioning tissues, this procedure doesn’t increase breast size or offer a significant size reduction. However, combining it with other procedures to get the exact results you want is possible. 

Augmentation-Mastopexy: Breast Lift With Implants

If you’d like to lift your breasts and add volume as well, you can choose to have a breast augmentation procedure done at the same time as the lift. Dr. Gandolfi offers breast augmentation with silicone, saline, and fat-transfer implants. 

The procedure requires making an incision for the implants and then reshaping the rest of the breast around it. The right incision for you will depend on many factors, including the kind of implants you want and how much tissue and skin Dr. Gandolfi needs to remove or readjust to provide the breast lift. 

Breast Lift With Breast Reduction

If you’re not comfortable or happy with the size of your breasts and would like to reduce it, Dr. Gandolfi can perform a lift with a reduction. It’s a common procedure, especially for women with implants they’re no longer happy with. 

He can remove the implants or decrease your natural breast size. After that, he will perform the breast lift to ensure you don’t experience any sagging. 

Getting the Silhouette You Want

Your silhouette can depend on the appearance of your breasts. Breasts that are too large or too small can cause the rest of your body to look out of proportion, and sagging breasts may make you look older than you are. However, a breast lift with implants or breast reduction can give you the desired appearance in a single procedure. 

Dr. Brad M. Gandolfi, MD, FACS, offers cosmetic surgery to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. He is one of the leading plastic surgeons in NYC, offering various services to address your cosmetic concerns. 

Learn more about what getting a breast lift procedure is like to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.