Cellulite affects almost 90% of women and 10% of men, making it a common issue that can negatively impact self-esteem and confidence. The appearance of cellulite can prevent you from wearing certain clothes or showing off your body, resulting in limited clothing choices and missed opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Fortunately, many treatment options are available to alleviate the appearance of cellulite and help you regain your confidence. 

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the term for collections of fat that press against the connective tissues beneath your skin. It is a cosmetic condition that most commonly appears in the following areas:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach

Cellulite makes your skin appear dimpled or puckered, giving it a lumpy texture. Your genetics, age, sex, weight, and skin thickness can all impact how much cellulite you develop and how visible it is. 

Gaining weight can make cellulite more pronounced, but even thinner people can have it. 

Causes of Cellulite

The exact cause of cellulite has yet to be fully understood, but several factors may contribute to its development. One of the primary factors is genetics, as some individuals are more prone to developing cellulite than others. Hormonal imbalances and changes may also play a role, as well as poor diet, lack of exercise, and lifestyle factors such as smoking and stress. Additionally, the structure of a person’s connective tissue and skin elasticity may contribute to the development of cellulite. While there’s no cure for cellulite, lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity and consuming a healthy diet can help minimize its appearance. 

Treating Cellulite

Aveli is a new device that is designed to target and remove cellulite. Through a needle-sized incision, the device breaks up the band of connective tissue causing the cellulite and removes it.

Avéli™ is a product that can improve tissue laxity and therefore can improve dimpling of the skin. Avéli is a minimally-invasive treatment in which Dr. Gandolfi makes a small incision and inserts a thin probe. Avéli then uses radiofrequency energy that passes through both an external and internal probe, allowing it to melt fat cells and tighten the skin. 

By removing fat cells, Avéli reduces the number of them pushing against the skin, thus reducing the upward pressure that can create that dimpled appearance. 

Preparing for the Avéli Procedure

During a consultation with Dr. Gandolfi, he will examine the treatment area and get your full medical history. Although Avéli is a minimally-invasive procedure, you still need to be in good overall health to receive it. 

To prepare for the procedure, you will want to avoid excessive sun exposure and not take blood-thinning medications or supplements for at least two weeks before your appointment. We recommend stopping for a few weeks before and after the procedure if you smoke. 

The Avéli Procedure

Once you receive a topical numbing agent, Dr. Gandolfi will insert a thin, tube-like device that emits radiofrequency waves into the targeted area, which heats and melts the excess fat cells. The liquefied fat is then suctioned out with the help of a cannula, which also facilitates skin tightening. The procedure can take 20 or 30 minutes for a single treatment area. 

When combined with liposuction, Dr. Gandolfi can significantly elevate your results by taking a more aggressive approach to fat removal. By combining the two procedures, Dr. Gandolfi can more effectively remove excess fat from specific areas while improving skin tone and elasticity with the help of Avéli. Overall, patients who receive both liposuction and Avéli can achieve a more dramatic transformation and enjoy tighter, smoother skin.

Recovering from Avéli

There is little downtime associated with Avéli. You want to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for a few days and limit your alcohol intake. 

For any discomfort, you can take over-the-counter medications. You may also have to wear a compression garment for a few days. 

Although the fat cells Avéli removes do not return, gaining weight can create new ones, so maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime is crucial. 

Most people start seeing results soon after the procedure, but you can expect them to get better with time as your production of collagen increases. 

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Though cellulite is harmless, it can affect how you look and feel. The puckering it creates may prevent you from wearing clothes you love and can affect your self-esteem. Avéli offers the chance to remove the fat cells contributing to cellulite while also tightening your skin. 

Dr. Brad Gandolfi is a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with offices located in New York City and Englewood, NJ. He specializes in cosmetic surgery and is a distinguished member of The Aesthetic Society, a by-invitation-only society for doctors with experience and excellence in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Gandolfi offers Avéli as well as many surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Is Avéli right for you? Learn more about our body procedures